Welcome to Our Website! We have been extremely fortunate to have our passions become intertwined with our professional lives. Thanks to an amazing couple, Our family owned GIANT GLASS CO that was here in NEW ENGLAND! (1978-2015) The Brainchild and Orchestator Dennis Drinkwater and with amazing knowledge and tremendous support from Jackie Drinkwater, gave the family the gift of hard work and having your passions can go hand in hand. Not to mention their generous hearts also taught us to always give!  Whether it be of your time & energy or if possible any monetary value, It all matters and can make a difference. Always wake each day and say to yourself how can I create a day that will mean something and DO IT! 
This website is built on our collections of many passions that have brought us to many fortunate events and many more to come! A bit of New England history to some world history, many rare items not able to be found, to some new things we were fortunate to recieve. Our website is for collectors and fans alike! ALL WELCOME!  The website is constantly changing and growing! Please visit frequently and continue to join us on this amazing adventure!  ......  But please be patient it is a journey not a destination, we are having a great time going through and planning everything ....... its not even close to being the end! 

Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries we love to hear from you! 

(Please note we are a Massachusetts based company. and Pay pal payments take up to 4-6 business days to complete.)



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